Factors to Consider Before Picking Career in Tourism and Hospitality


While it’s quite clear for some people about what careers they want, a big number of school leavers find making a decision on career path quite tricky. For most of them, it’s actually quite a torture reaching or making a decision. 

When talking of a career in tourism and hospitality, this is where a big number of people get confused. The confusion is however borne of basically two things. 

i. Glamour; most people would want to pick a career in this field for the glamour associated. There is the idea of traveling a lot; sampling luxuries at the expense of other people for instance in 5star hotels; an idea about meeting diverse people of diverse social backgrounds and so on of which all these are true about tourism and hospitality. 


ii. Easy to learn and get along with; many believe the course is simple to learn. Soon after enrolling, they realize they aren’t up to the task. 

The truth of the matter is that in as much as the above statements and assumptions are true about this career, there is a stronger background needed and a price to pay before achieving credentials for this career. It is therefore imperative to consider the following factors to make a decision about a career in tourism and hospitality. 

1. Interest and flair to offer hospitality

This is the topmost important factor. Most successful people in this career path started at home or in school by extending simple acts of kind hospitality to people. These included demonstrating a wish to serve others on the dining table, an interest to find out what others do about hospitality, a jovial mood, easy to pick up tips about hospitality and eager to learn more about tourism. 

2. Finding it easy to learn about this career

Most find it glamorous but cannot stand up to the task of going through a routine hospitality practice during training. But on the other hand, people with a passion for this career easily pick up points taught in class and on the field. They also find it easy and fun to practice them on people. 

3. Taking basic subjects

Although it is not always that individuals who did home science, social studies, literature, history or any like subject become the best in the career, it’s always good to have a background of such subjects. This will make it easier for you to advance in the college or university to pursue the certificates. Nonetheless, some of the best professionals here were never trained. Most of them also got basic training only, although the industry has gone on well in absorbing them. 

4. Deciding on your line of practice

Tourism and hospitality is a broad career.  Its major affiliate is chef and catering. Other hospitality and tourism careers include waiters, hotel and restaurant management, hotel staff, tour guiding, resort workers, concierges, bartenders, air hostess among others.  It is therefore upon you to decide on where your true interests lie. 

5. Deciding on appropriate school

There is nothing that can compare to going to a quality school for your training on hospitality. It’s a wrong assumption that hospitality and tourism can be taught in any school. This is the assumption by many who have gone out to turn simple rooms in cities into simple colleges offering these courses in tourism and hospitality. When choosing the appropriate school, always ensure the following about the school: 

Accredited school; accreditation is offered by the government. 

Schools with excellent facilities.

School enjoying a good reputation.

Preferably a college in conjunction with a recognized university.

School liaising with the industry for student industrial attachments.  

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