The Windows Phone Capabilities


Recent advances in technology have seen the rise of all sorts of gadgets that have revolutionized communication. The invention of the telephone was a big milestone in communication development but the mobile phone has to be the biggest achievement yet. The mobile phone has made communication so much easier. More technological advancements have provided for all kinds of mobile phones. Now a phone is not only for talking to another party, there are a lot of other things that can be d one with a phone. Phones now have all sorts of capabilities, from internet access to business management. One of the gadgets that have been made possible with technology is the Windows Phone. This has to be one of the first ever platforms that was use in mobile technology.  This is basically the use of Microsoft operating system on mobile phones. The Window phone is emerging as a fierce competitor to the Android, IOS, Symbian and Blackberry, especially with its recent upgrade to Window 8.


Features and capabilities

Speech enabled- with the Windows phone, you can use the voice support to communicate. This come sin handy when you don’t want to type or are otherwise occupied like when you are driving or cooking. It is as easy as dictating your message and sending it. You can also have your messages read to you.      

Priority e-mails- you can prioritise your emails according to importance. You may also choose to arrange them in different folders which make it easier when looking for a particular email.

Phone tracker- This Window phone feature is known as ‘Find my Phone’. It is use to locate a Windows phone that is lost. It provides a location of the last place. It also provides online maps. This means that you can access a map even without internet access. This come sin very handy in places where there is little or no access to the internet. You can also send your location by way of SMS. 

Live Tiles- It is the only smart phone with this particular feature. It gives you the ability to arrange all your applications on the home screen. You can also customize the interface to suit your preference. You have a choice of various that you can choose from.

Microsoft Account- you have access to your account after signing in. This gives you the chance to access all the applications, music and games from the Microsoft store.

Back up- you can use the cloud to back up your data.

It also has a feature that prevents children accidentally making calls or resetting your phone. 

Video chat- you can make and receive video chats on your phone. You can also access Skype on your phone.

Microsoft Office- you can create and edit documents on your phone. The best thing about this feature is that you can use it offline. You don’t have to access the internet to edit a document. It is just like using your PC; you can even access your recent documents.

You can also send data from a Window phone to another device, be it a computer or a tablet. This is done by just tapping on the data and it is sent to your recipient.

Window phone is one of the many technological advancements that have made the art of communication what it is today. It has mad it so easier to work and socialize. Windows phone I like having a computer in your hands. There are so many Windows phone devices that have been launched such as the Nokia Lumia, HTC Windows Phone, Huawei W1 and many others.



Source: Godzilink