Dressing for Success In The Business World



Dressing for success means more than just dressing up for a day at work. Dressing for success is about making a good impression, forming public perception about yourself and setting yourself up for greater opportunities.

 What constitutes dressing for success or power dressing as it is often referred to? Try incorporating these tips into your dress style and experience the impact it creates.

 ·         Make-Up

As much as we are up against stereotyping, in the professional world, a woman is often judged by the way she dresses and wears her make-up. The key to looking good is “keeping it simple”. However, many people interpret this as “no make-up at all”. Going both extremes is a definite no-no. Stay away from garish and gawdy make-up. The same can be said for a pale death-like look – no matter how much people advocate the “natural” look, everybody needs some enhancement to look their best. What’s simple? Light foundation, pastel lipstick and a touch of a blusher, all well-blended with your skin tone will do the trick.

·         Hairstyle

Hair should be kept neat and away from the face. Hair-colour should be moderate with no shocking colour hues. Stay clear from hair-sprays, gel and oil that have strong odours or scents. Whilst it is good to keep up with the latest hair styling trends, be careful not to over-do it. Keep your taste for a gothic look or a punk fad for some other time and not the office. 

·         Jewellery or accessories

Don’t wear noisy jewellery that come with bells, clinking and clanking stuff. It can be annoying in a meeting or a presentation. Match your jewellery and accessories with your clothes. Both men and women nowadays wear jewellery but to look professional keep it at a minimum in the office and save them for a night out in town. Having said that, all business professionals should at least wear a nice and elegant wrist watch. 

·         Perfumes, Fragrances, Deodorants, etc.

Do not let your perfume, deodorant or scent overwhelm the people around you. Wear perfume or fragrances sparingly remembering always that “less is more”.  Why? Because scents and fragrances can actually trigger asthma in some people. You definitely do not want to be the cause of a fellow colleague or worse, a client’s asthma attack. At the same time, ensure that you control body odour through good personal hygiene – strong odours can be offensive.

 Dressing successfully can not only form a strong positive perception but it can also land people better opportunities because the common perception is that if you are able to carry yourself well, you will be able to take on greater responsibilities in the work place. Power dress and look out for that promotion. 




by ChristinaThomas

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