As a matter of fact, happiness can be created at any place. Happiness is a choice that some people have vowed to create it much often while others have no idea of how it can come about especially if one is working in a place where there is no peace.  We all know that a significant percentage of people are doing the jobs just to earn a living but not because they love doing them. In such a case, the person needs to invest more in ways to make his or her job workable.

The workplace is like a second home, a lot of people spend more time in the workplace and therefore they should try as much as possible to be happy as this will also affect their family members and close friends. The best advice for those who have not yet started working is to identify their interests and skills so that they can start working on something they enjoy most. When you have this in mind, then it means it will always be your alternative if you happen to find yourself in an unbearable place of work.  


To be happy at work, the person needs to fully evaluate himself and identify his potentials. One can turn himself into his own worst enemy if he complies with the situation at the workplace and refuses to open his mind for greater opportunities. In this case, it is not the work of the employer who should control the professional and the personal development of any employee. It is good to have your own set goals and targets and just incase they are not advancing towards the right direction, then one has the responsibility to seek help from the boss.  Another way is to enable an efficient communication system within the workplace. Most people like complaining and blaming their bosses for not communicating to them on what is happening in other departments and they fail to understand that he is busy as well and he may not know what they need to know. Having an open working atmosphere is important and holding weekly meetings to be briefed on what is going on. 

An employee should also be organized and have a plan that will guide and show him or her how flexible she is. This is because some workers would only want to commit themselves to the tasks assigned so that they please the boss, but the worst moment comes when it turns out that they didn’t finish the assigned task. This will not only be an inconvenience, but it will also reduce the trust from your boss which can impede him to give you more responsibilities. It is also ideal to avoid as much as possible the negative people and the small groups of gossips. When you join in a wrong group that don’t have the same interests and goals the probability is that you can join that group as they can influence you.

The best way to be happy is to create friends as well. You however need to be careful because the number is not important. The interests, goals and vision is what counts. When you team up with such people, it is not possible to have stress at the place of work since your mind will be focused on more positive things.  It is possible to make the workplace a paradise by simply doing the right things, avoiding conflicts and resolving conflicts in the quickest way possible. Allow people to know who you are, respect them and don’t forget to smile.    



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