How to select suitable candidates


The competition in business society is increasing, and to ensure the positive growth of a company, it comes back to the staff’s productivity that leads to the success of the company. This issue scrolls down to the concern of the searching suitable candidates to fit in the designated jobs.

Question is: Is the candidate suitable? How to ensure the candidate’s future development can help the company? How to assure that the organization has made the right choice with the minimum wastage of time and money?

Here are some tips when choosing the suitable candidates:


• Provide candidates the job’s requirement and responsibilities in details, so that the candidate will understand his/ her commitment and tasks.


• Identify the best candidates based on their assessment which reveals his/ her core value, capability, and future growth.


• Apply the idea of vision and mission of the company to the candidates so that both parties can work together achieving the same goals of success.


• Implement or explore new ideas with the candidates with latest trend and ways to identify better and newer business strategy for the company.


• Always motivate the candidate that in a successful organization, discover something new, develop something more, and define the true opportunities are always work in mutual co-operation and teamwork, for employers and also employees.


• Identify the possibilities that can lead candidates to independence, and leadership.


Resume is the first capture a company will be likely to measure how the candidates can contribute well to the company. Thus, when it comes to few choices of candidates, the company will need to look into further details such as the candidate’s past experiences, achievements, education background, and much more. Understanding the candidate’s dreams and goals, and also his/ her personal talents and characters add in more potential growth within the candidate himself/ herself.


The process of selecting the right candidate will also influence the company’s image and positioning in the global society. Hiring the quality candidates are core values in assures productivity of the company, which leads to be an outstanding organization with a strong teamwork tells the whole story: this company is successful because the whole mastermind and teamwork behind the company leads their status of the most talk-about in the business society.


By Suki Ong

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