Why a Career in Teaching can be Fulfilling


Teaching can be a fulfilling career.  With teaching you have job security; children that need teaching are born every minute, every hour and every day. Your salary is guaranteed. You have free summers (paid for, wow). You have the freedom to interact with students and much more. However, teaching can also be tasking; you have every kind of personality to handle in those little kids, there are mistakes to correct, punishments to administer, to mention but a few.  There are exams to set and as if that is not enough, you are answerable for the failure of your students.  Like seriously? However, regardless of the angle you use to look at teaching as a career, one thing remains for sure; teaching can be a very interesting, rewarding and tasking career to undertake.

Why become a teacher?

First things first, teaching is a profession that’s not for everyone. However, for those who choose teaching as a career, the profession can be quite rewarding. Here are a number of reasons why teaching can be a fulfilling career.

Influence.  That is right. Teaching is one of the few careers that provide a platform for one to impact on the lives of people both directly and indirectly. As a teacher, your students rely on you for various things including intellectual growth and development, social development, psychological development among others. As such, you will become a role model for many a people and many will look up to you for advice, directions, and above all support.


Continuous learning.  The only way to spread passion is to be passionate. As such, before you can even start teaching about something, you must first learn about it. Being a teacher does not necessarily make you the king, it makes you the subordinate who works with others for the good of the kingdom. As such, your students can also provide you with useful learning experiences. If you love knowledge and learning therefore, teaching is the best career to be in.


New experiences every day. As a teacher, you will be exposed to different kinds of students each day. Teaching gives you room to experience new days every day from the lessons you teach to the things your students will say. In fact, in teaching it is almost impossible to have uneventful working days considering you will be working with kids. Children can be a great source of daily amusement.

There are several other reasons that can compel you to become a teacher. However, the most important thing to get you into this career should be the passion. If you have the passion to teach, then embracing it fully is what you need. However, if you are not passionate about teaching the best you can get from it is stress; so take onto your heels and be safe.

What you need to know 

Teaching being such a noble career, takes more than simply getting yourself into a room full of learners and dictating notes.  For that reason therefore, it is important to understand what you are bargaining for before taking this path. Here are some things you need to know about teaching beforehand;

Teaching is a profession not a vacation. Just like any career, teaching needs discipline, effort, perseverance and drive to be successful.  If you get into teaching for the wrong reasons, you’ll be sure to reap stress and misery.

In teaching anything and everything can happen. Anything from being vomited on to being bad mouthed, to being hated and loved to finding yourself confronted by an angry parent! 

A teacher is a parent too. As a teacher you will not only be responsible for the students you teach, you will also become like a parent to them.

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