How to prepare yourself for promotion?

Promotion is the gift of your hard and faithful work. If you do your job with all your heart, and justify your role, obviously you are moving towards a successful promotion. On the contrary, many of us often brood that despite doing real hard work, do not qualify for the promotions, while our peers, who altogether seem less deserving on a particular instance of time, have been promoted to higher ranks.


The crux is that promotion is not something that comes automatically into your bag. You need to earn it with all your hard work. You just cannot be the best “widget” maker and think of getting promoted to senior levels. How do you think you are ready for the promotion? The simple answer to this very question is that you need to push yourself to extreme limits.

 Being ready for a new role requires lot of work. You need to outgrow and most importantly, should have that very special urge that excites you consistently to plan yourself for new and more serious roles than what you are currently doing. 

One thing is straight and simple – your value to the company is your efficiency. If you are doing good work in your current job role, obviously you will stay in the job, but would not be promoted to carry out new responsibilities. Promotion is when you stretch yourself beyond the role that you have been playing for several years. Think of bringing difference into your current performance levels, as this would prove your eligibility to get promoted to new job with a more dignified role.

The whole idea is to identify the innovative ways for adding value to your presence in the office and present role. Organizations always do critical thinking on solving the problems. Your role as a solution maker would help you to make huge difference in your promotions. 

Simple and straight – If you need a promotion you need to do lot of RIGHT things in a WELL BALANCED ways.

Understanding the value of associating with organization 

If you are keen on preparing for the promotion, there is always the need for understanding the drivers behind organizational success.  You need to do the smart work by driving yourself towards a logical conclusion.

Here are few questions to ponder:

  • What are the organization’s strategic goals?
  • What is the role of your department in overall organizational strategy?
  • What metrics your boss is going to follow?
  • What critical functions are performed by your team in present position?

You can also think of making the lateral moves in variety of other departments, just to work on similar positions in different departments. If your work exposure has a wider say, you can be considered for global promotion opportunities and on wider scales. The ideal mix of your experience as well as the skills would make the promotions to senior levels more realistic than otherwise.


Increasing your Roles and Responsibilities

Usually the higher management delegates the responsibilities to the lower management and from there on the roles and responsibilities are delegated to staff. This type of delegation is essential as it ensures more serious work is put into practice by higher level management. Your objective should be to get involved into these higher level tasks in some way or the other. 

Here again, you need to prove your capabilities; to show that you are capable of managing increased responsibilities and adding value to it. Keep one thing clear in your mind – when you have the questions for your boss, you need to have their solutions as well. 

And finally, stay current in your field of activity. 

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