Mistakes in Resume Writing and Their Correction


Writing a good resume is as important as getting the job. This is because one leads to the other and in this case, a good resume will determine to a large extent whether you will be considered or not. Therefore, you should not take it as a waste of time to take a few minutes of your time to go through appropriate CV writing. This is because giving it a quick rush will be quite harmful to you at the end of it all. Well, some people have submitted resumes only to portray a very bad image of themselves. It is very damaging to send a resume that will end up portraying all the bad things about you. There are some simple things that the reader of the resume will see and make a mental picture of what to expect or the kind of person you are, long before they even peruse through the resume.

Some Common Mistakes:

There are some common mistakes that many people make when writing resume. These can be corrected just by learning a few don’ts in resume writing. 

The resume format

There are people who do not give any consideration to the format used to write the resume. This is very bad because it can end up looking quite shoddy. There are several formats that are used by different people. Of course before you choose the format to use, you should consider the person who will be reading your resume. This is because you may realize that other employers may be lenient on the format used judging by the level of seriousness of their industry. For instance, a resume to the business industry may actually be a bit different as that to the art sector. It is also very important to try and be unique in the resume writing. This is where you have to be very wise because as much as you should strive to be organized and neat, you should also be unique in your own way. Avoid writing resumes that are so uniform to which every other person is doing. This way, you will stand out from the crowd, something that actually gives you an upper hand.

Formatting of the resume

It is very important to keep your resume unique and presentable but you should try to avoid the one major mistake that many people have found themselves doing; extreme formatting of your resume. This is very bad and may end up harming you even more as compared to sending in a very plain resume. There are some people who use so many fonts such that at the end of it all, your resume ends up looking quite dirty. For instance, if you think of using some bolding, bulleting or numbering, you should try and use them in such a way that it is neat enough. Excessive use of these properties is equally harmful.  In case you are bolding some parts of your resume, you should try to have it to a very minimal extent. Coloring should also be avoided especially if it is attracting too much attention. This is because the person reading your resume may be distracted and end up skipping some vital information in your resume.


Length of the resume

If possible, try to keep your resume short. The person who will be reading your resume may not have all the time to read an entire book of your resume; and usually they don’t.  You should also confirm and know the requirements of the industry you are sending your application to. This is because different careers and companies may have different take on this.

source; Godzilink.com