Tips for Living a Happy Life


If there is one thing that virtually every human being wants, it’s happiness. Life today is full of uncertainties, most of which end up causing both physical and psychological problems. The good thing is that there is no problem that’s too big to make you hate your life. The only challenge that people face is to find happiness in the midst of tribulations. The biggest secret to living a happy life is to work out ways to deal with difficulties in your life. But perhaps the first question you should seek answers for is: What is happiness? Many people are busy searching for happiness but they have no idea what it is.


What Is Happiness?

In most cases, happiness is viewed as the feeling of being free from problems, well-being, pleasure and good life. Interestingly, happiness can be as vague as acquiring it. According to psychologists, happiness can be thought-out and measured. They further argue that people can use these studies to make their lives happier. Ed Diener defined happiness as the mixture of life pleasure and positive emotions. He argues that people with more positive feelings than negative feelings tend to be happy. Another psychologist by the name Martin Seligman argues that happiness constitutes of three main elements, namely enjoyment, engagement and meaning. He further argues that of the three elements, meaning and engagement are critical in defining happiness.


According to Seligman, meaning is the use of strengths to achieve a greater purpose such as helping people who need your assistance. Engagement is the pleasure that comes from healthy relationships with colleagues and family members. These are important points that you should always keep in mind whenever you are looking for happiness. Nonetheless, there are some basic practices that can help you to improve the quality of your life and enjoy happiness.


Do the Things that Make You Happy

A common problem that most people make in life is to follow money instead of passion. If you follow money, you will end up enslaving yourself with things that stress you and eventually lose your purpose in life. There comes a time when you have to decide on what you really need in life. Follow your heart because it won’t disappoint you. If you want to succeed in anything you do, passion is a critical factor.


Put on a Smile

Regardless of what you or your friends are going through, always try to put on a smile. Most people love to be associated with happy people and a smile can go a long way in attracting positive people in your life. A healthy smile makes life a lot easier and will lighten up your spirits. As the saying goes “A day without a smile is a day wasted“.


Always Be Positive

Positivity keeps people going even in the midst of great tribulations. Do not waste much of your time worrying about your problems. Whenever you are faced with a problem, try to imagine that there are other people who are going through more severe and traumatic situations. Keep your head up and fight the negative emotions.


Engage in Constructive Activities

Today, people are so concerned about material things. We want to have the most expensive gadgets and luxurious items in the market. However, true happiness comes when you know you have done something to touch someone’s life positively. For instance, you can help the less fortunate and make a positive change in their lives.


Value Relationships

No man is an island. You need other people to survive in this life. That’s why you should nurture relationships. Try to spend time with people who give you joy such as family, relatives, workmates, and friends.



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