Time Management Insights


Out of seven days in a week, many people realize that you have only utilized two or three well. At the end of the year or month, a lot of time is wasted. Yet, time is a resource given to everyone, and if well managed, you can achieve all your goals and objectives in life. But how do just manage your time well? Well, here are some insights:

Make a list of what you need accomplished with a given time. You can do any management unless you are sure of the tasks that must be accomplished within a day. Within that list, you must mark the priorities and less prioritized tasks. 


Allocate time for tasks. You should start with the priorities and allocate specific time for them. You can have a list that has: today’s tasks, tomorrow tasks, end of week tasks. 


Balance of efforts.  Be realistic when allocating time, which means that you do not have to do everything in one day. This can only result to fatigue and frustrations. 


Identify times when you are more productive. For most people, morning is the most productive time of the day, while others would be happier to work in the evenings. Utilize this productive time and do most of the day’s work. This does not mean that you should do nothing during the non- productive time, but rather you could allocate fewer tasks for such moments. 


Set aside time to relax. Many people feel that they have to work continuously in order to do everything within a schedule. This could not be further from the truth! Taking small breaks helps you to be productive every time you come back to the work station. You could engage in a talk that is unrelated to the task at hand or even take a walk to distract your mind. 


Keeping track. It is not possible for you to be perfect with time management for the first few days. You will have days of failure but you must not give up. However, you must record your progress and find out the areas that must be improved. This evaluation should be done regularly. Keeping this track will also encourage you; as you see the tasks you have been able to accomplish within a short time.  

Be focused and disciplined. As the day or week progresses, new tasks may be given to you. This can derail you and shift your focus to the extent that you will have a lot of pending issues at the end of the week or month. You should mark tasks that have not been done and try to either delegate or find extra time to accomplish them. You could also do your list afresh to squeeze in time for everything within the week.


Have a healthy lifestyle. You should avoid doing things that could distract you from have proper time management. This could mean addictions of all types and having wrong company. You could include tasks such as exercise and sleeping for at least 6-7 hours every night. You may also want to take water regularly to help relieve stress. Further, you can enroll in classes or read books that help you to become a better person. 


Right attitude. People say that attitude is everything. This is also true for people who want to have perfection in time management. You must love being on schedule, and realize the benefits of managing time. Be passionate about your work and lifestyle and set aside time for everything that benefits you. Further, do not be discouraged in case you fail to become the best time manager within a short time. 

It is easier to live without a schedule than to manage time well and accomplish goals. However, in the end, a person who manages their time well is successful in life. Following the tips outlined above will go a long way in helping you become a successful person. 


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