Pros and Cons of Social Networking


The world today has been turned into a small village, where you chat, talk to your friends without incurring any cost apart from the energy you spend. Likewise, social networks have made it possible for people thousands of miles away to communicate without incurring the cost you do when you call a friend over the phone. Social networks such as facebook, twitter, Linked-In, what’s up, classmates, and instagram have made communication easier and simpler. Moreover they have been found to be supportive to businesses that dare dream to use these social networks. 

Social networking in workplaces is slowly replacing emails and text messages. It has made disseminating information simpler and easier. Passing on of information between groups of employees has now been made easier and more efficient. It is even cheaper than using other mediums of communication such as placing a call or using a text message.

Advantages of using social networks to send information

Here are a few benefits that you can get by using social network to pass on information.

Social networking enhances open communication. This leads to enhanced understanding. This is because social media gives space for interactive communication thus the interactions facilitate understanding.

Social media gives employees a chance to share views and ideas. They too are able to post news or ask questions as well as sharing links and holding discussions.

Social Medias provide you with an avenue to pass on business contacts. It is thus easier contacting a business organization through the contact link they give.

The fact that social networks like facebook and twitter attract large following; make them suitable venues to make recruitments.

By posting your business in the social media. You are able to boost your business reputation without necessarily advertising it.

Social networks are a good marketing avenue. The large audience in the social media makes it efficient to advertise your products here.

Social media offers a cheaper medium of communication than use of telephone when passing information to your employees. 

Social media offer a cheaper avenue for marketing. This is because you do not incur extra cost when posting details of your business on the social media.

Disadvantages of using social networks

There are several disadvantages associated with social networks. Here are a few of them.

There is the possibility of attracting hackers who may hack into your account. Hackers may also introduce spam or virus attacks against your site thus destroying your security and accessing your information.

Social networks increase the risk of people falling prey to online scams. Many un-genuine scams operate online and thus may attract one without his/her knowledge.

The ability of social Medias to offer room for interaction may result into negative comments from employees concerning the company. Similarly, they may raise legal problems if your employees use the business site to view illegal materials.

Social networks may result into low production if the employees spend their time updating their status or doing other personal things in the social networks.


Social networks have also been used to enhance our lives. For instance, different regions around the world use social networks to enhance their security. Social media can enhance security as security personnel can hold “bazaars” through the network. By use of these avenues, they can pass knowledge to the residents on important security issues.

It is thus beneficial to use social networks. As from the above benefits, they make our day-to-day life easier. They enhance communication while at the same time reducing the cost of communicating. This makes them very useful to the population.

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