What Training Courses to Improve QC Skills


Due to the increasing demand for quality products in the market, manufacturing companies have been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring their products are of the highest quality and consumer-friendly. This is where quality control professionals come in handy. Companies are always on the lookout for professional quality control supervisors and managers to help them create quality products that meet the current market standards. This creates a great career opportunity for people who wish to work in this field. What are the roles of QC inspectors? For starters, these professionals work in the manufacturing industry to minimize the possibility for blunders in manufacturing a product.

Training Requirements

Quality control inspectors are also responsible for monitoring quality standards for all manufactured products at every stage of production. Through prescribed training and on-site education in controlling quality, applicants are able to gain necessary skills to oversee the entire manufacturing process. However, there are certain prerequisites that you have to meet in order to qualify for this training. For example, anybody aspiring to be a quality control inspector must at least have a high school grade or equivalent. This course is somewhat detailed and therefore it requires someone with vast knowledge of the various aspects of production. If you are planning to become an engineer in quality control, you need to at least have a bachelor’s degree or masters. 

There are some companies that will require a quality control professional with additional laboratory experience, majoring in biology or natural science. Another important consideration that you need to keep in mind is the need to be conversant with mathematics and have good communication skills. Since most manufacturing processes involve long calculations, you have to be good at handling large equations. You will be required to check the amount of ingredients used in the production of every product to ascertain its quality. Therefore if you are not passionate about numbers, this may not be the best career for you. As a quality control engineer, you require exceptional mechanical abilities to handle different types of machines available for production. It is your duty to ensure that equipment set for production is in the right state. This is to say that before you enroll for any QC training program, ensure that it offers the necessary courses. The question is: What are the most effective courses for improving quality control skills? Here are some of the most common courses that you will find in any type of QC training program.

Quality Control Courses

For starters, different colleges and varsities offer a variety of degree programs focusing on quality control. You can get a 4-year degree program in quality control that will give you skills to work as an entry-level quality assurance and control inspector. This course offers training in different areas of production such as conceptualization, development, and manufacturing. You will also learn different aspects of quality management such as ISO 9000. The main courses covered in this program included value-based quality, system analysis, technical communication, and measurement science. These courses are meant to give you vital knowledge in overseeing different production processes. 

For those enrolling in a master’s program, training is a bit more detailed than in a bachelor’s degree. This program deals mostly with technical as well as managerial aspects of production. You need to have a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this program. The program comprises of special courses such as quality management, benchmarking, and consumer satisfaction. Before you graduate, you should be able to do quality cost evaluation, create sample plans, manage a company and implement a control program. Although some companies prefer to offer on-site training, it’s good to have the necessary skills before you take up a job as a quality control professional.            

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