The Fuel Dilemma

With the recent hike in fuel prices, it evident that all else will set to sky-rocket in the name of “higher fuel prices”. However, instead of griping and mourning the inevitable, look at ways you can save and wisely distribute your financial resources. The following are some tips to help you manage the situation and emerge wiser and more experienced;

Use public transport whenever possible or walk to short distances. After all walking is a healthy habit and powers the heart whilst killing bad cholesterol and regulating your body systems. However, whilst walking, be alert and careful so as not to meet accidents or succumb to thefts or robbery. Let’s be wise in all ways.

While waiting for a friend or family members, switch off your engine and wind-down the windows. This will save you precious ringgit in wasted fuel. 

Take the train or the other forms of public transport into the city, firstly to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams and to save on fuel cost.

Car-pooling would be a good idea for saving and using your resources wisely.

Food prices will soon rise in tandem with fuel costs, so spend less eating out and make interesting meals at home with family. After all eating-in is a healthier habit minus the preservatives and seasonings.

If your vehicle is a gas-guzzling machine, change it to something more economical or minimize its usage to save on fuel costs.

Plan your trips and avoid getting lost. Get a good GPS device or get directions before you embark on your destination. Try to check on traffic news before your head out of the house or office. 

Stick to average speed limits. The faster you drive the more fuel your car will consume. When you have to slow down, decelerate smoothly to save on fuel. You’ll be surprised that these simple actions matter when saving on fuel. 

Service your vehicle regularly to maintain engine efficiency. An un-serviced vehicle will consume more fuel as the engine is not in optimum conditions to perform efficiently.

The above are just simple tips but be assured that these tips will make a difference in helping you save on fuel costs. As much as we are against the idea of making drastic changes that inconvenience us, these situations teach us to be resilient even in tough times and help us understand the power of cutting-back or letting go when the situation warrants. 




By Christina Thomas

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