Opportunity ID:
Type :
Full time 
Position Level :
Top Management 
Industry :
Engineering - Oil/Gas/Petroleum 
Job Specialization :
Sciences - Oil/Gas/Petroleum 
City :
Description :
• Direct, coordinate and supervise all plant operations (including process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, turnaround, mechanical upgrades, optimization upgrades, etc), oil movements to/ from storage tanks in conjunction with Terminal, warehouse operations and operations of the refinery laboratory.
• Optimize the safe and efficient processing of petroleum feedstock to meet contract quality requirements, optimizing refined product yields in establishing refinery’s processing parameters, efficient and cost effective supervision of operations while ensuring adherence to all international and local health, safety and environmental standards.
• Interfaces with the refinery clients and the Terminalas required resolving operational and logistical issues.
• Ensure that the administrative and financial functions are performed in adherence with the law and company policies.
• Direct troubleshooting of chronic problems, identifying reasons and recommending remedial actions to ensure the operation is run safely within defined regulatory standards. Promotes the use of the “best available technology” in the refinery when economically justifiable.
• Direct and supervise the actions of the operating group via the Process/ Day Supervisor.
• Direct and supervise the actions of the maintenance group via the Maintenance Department.
• Coordinate maintenance objectives with the Process/ Day Supervisor to ensure implementation of predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance works while minimizing refinery downtime.
• Recommend facility solutions, remedies and projects to increase the safe, efficient and yield maximizing operation of the refinery.
• Ensure refinery is operated in a safe and efficient manner that maximizes the yields of refined petroleum products, minimizes the risk of producing off-specification product and minimized fuel & losses and demurrage.
• Prepare the daily, weekly and monthly production plan in coordination with relevant stakeholders to meet processing and logistical objectives. Coordinates with the Terminal the oil movements across storage tanks as well as marine traffic both delivering feedstock and loading refined products (required for product run down) to minimize schedule conflicts and demurrage claims.
• Provide guidance to subordinates to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with correct engineering and safety standards and follow-up on such work until satisfactory completion.
• Review detailed process related procedures and practices including shutdown, start-up. Decoking, vessel entry, etc.
• Attend and participate in planning and operational meetings, ensuring available manpower is utilized effectively. 
Requirements :
• Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering preferred
• Minimum 10-15 years of experience related to refining and process management
• Experience should include the following:
o Performing economic evaluations, feasibility studies and preparing requests for budgetary approvals.
o Working with professional consultant in planning and executing engineering studies.
o Applying and analyzing process/ system simulation and economics of petrochemical operations.
o Excellent written and oral technical presentation skills
• Extensive knowledge of refining mechanical operations and hands-on field supervision. Knowledge of marine terminal operations and petroleum storage tanks is also required.
• Ability to handle multiple projects including daily administrative issues, operational issues, process analysis, project management, etc.
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written in English. Ability to speak in Malay is an advantage. 
Lowest Qualification :
Bachelor Degree 
Closing Date :
4/13/21, 12:00 AM 

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Johor Bahru
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