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Opportunity ID:
Type :
Full time 
Position Level :
Skilled / Non-Executive 
Industry :
Engineering - Oil/Gas/Petroleum 
Job Specialization :
Engineering - Other Engineering 
City :
Description :
- Update his knowledge on the hazards that may be faced during entry, including information on the mode, signs and symptoms, and consequences of the exposure
- Identify all chemical hazards and recommends control measures to ensure safe entry
- Familiar with all confined space entry equipment used, for example emergency breathing apparatus, man riding winch, tripod, etc.
- Know the Hazards. For each and every confined space in the workplace, the entry supervisor must be aware of all hazards associated with each space. This also includes information on the mode of exposure to these hazards, the warning signs or symptoms, and the possible consequences after exposure.
- Verify safe entry conditions. The entry supervisor must establish an emergency plan in the event an operation goes awry. The supervisor must also verify the proper permits are consistent with the operations performed, and ensure that permits are posted at all entrances or made available to all entrants before entry. In addition to permits, the supervisor must verify that proper tests were done to ensure air quality and other environmental factors are safe to operate in. Provisions for personal protective equipment for entrants are also the responsibility of the supervisor.
- Ensure acceptable entry conditions are maintained. The entry supervisor must ensure that entry operations of a confined space remain consistent with the entry permit and that acceptable conditions are maintained. Once again, if conditions change, the supervisor must terminate entry and cancel the entry permit.
- Verify availability and effectiveness of rescue services. It is the duty of the entry supervisor to ensure that emergency personnel are capable of responding to an emergency in a timely fashion. They must also provide the emergency personnel with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and rescue equipment, as well as training in how to use them.
- Terminate entry and cancel permit. Once an operation in a confined space is completed, is the duty of the entry supervisor to remove workers’ access to the space and cancel permits. If new conditions exist, the supervisor must cancel permit, and the new conditions will be noted on the cancelled permit and used in revising the permit space program. 
Requirements :
- fair years of experience.  
Lowest Qualification :
Closing Date :
11/7/18, 12:00 AM 


City :
Johor Bahru
State :
Country :


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