A Guide To Postgraduate Education


Competition today is not only rife in the business world but also in the education sector as people rush to up-skill themselves and earn more credentials, in order to be more marketable to potential employers. Malaysia, being a popular destination for tertiary education with its myriad of choices in colleges and universities, holds great potential for those seeking a good education. 


Before you jump on the bandwagon to obtain a postgraduate degree, consider these factors to ease your search and help you transition into “school-life” again.

Choosing a programme

When selecting a programme, make sure that you are able to cope with the modules offered. Evaluate how much time is needed for each module; what are the stringent requirements of the college or university; the kind of assistance you can expect from your mentors or lecturers; as well as the university or colleges’ credibility with the local education regulations. 


Cost is always the biggest concern for the majority of students. However, if you have a tight financial situation, fret not, there are other options to explore. Based on your college or university’s recognition with the Ministry of Higher Education, you can apply for withdrawal of your EPF (Employee Provident Fund) savings to fund your education cost. Check this out with the local EPF branch in your area. Another option would be to apply for a bank loan – many financial institutions are offering attractive education loans to eligible candidates. Do a thorough survey of the various offerings and make your choice based on the best interest rate, lock-in period and repayment facilities. Check out government subsidies and scholarship options – you may need to do a considerable amount of research for this. Ultimately, never give up just because you are low on the monetary resources. 

Assess your commitment levels

Embarking on postgraduate studies requires commitment in terms of time and effort. Assess your ability to make a commitment to complete the programme. Consider your workload and whether you will be able to attend classes regularly as well as complete your coursework within the given time. If you are ready then go all the way, however, if you are not ready, think again and make certain changes to fit your postgraduate studies into your life. It may be worth the while to sacrifice some time and enjoyment to upgrade yourself and achieve your goals for a better future. 


Investing in education is not a loss as one can reap many benefits from it in terms of a better career path, improved income levels and an upgrade in stature and status. Education need not only include business and academic fields but also vocational training, soft skills and technical training which can help an individual alter their career path or even completely change fields to explore other opportunities. Therefore, before you embark on an educational path, think about why you are doing it, what you plan to achieve and your ultimate goals in life. 



By ChristinaThomas

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