Hiring International Talents



Do you know that you can hire fresh undergraduate/post graduate international talents under Employment Pass Category II? Malaysia is aiming to attract and retain top talent in the country’s Economic Transformation Program. This program is anticipated to create more than 3 million jobs in National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) by the year 2020. 

What are the NKEAs area? 

NKEAs includes 11 industry sectors + greater Kuala Lumpur/ Klang Valley.




Communications Content and Infrastructure

Palm Oil


Wholsesale & Retail

Electronics & Electrical

Oil, Gas & Energy

Business Services

Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley

Financial Services

At Godzilink.com we know exactly where to hire these fresh talents (undergraduate/master/PhD) .The University of Nottingham is ranked within the top 1% of all universities worldwide and the Malaysia Campus has been rated “excellent” in a national assessment (SETARA) of teaching and learning. Countries of origin for international talents are:


Pakistan, Sir Lanka, India

Arts & Social Sciences

Pakistan, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, China, Korea


United Kingdom, Vietnam, Korea & Nigeria


University of Notthingham research assessment exercise is also ranked among the Top7 of all British Universities and is only one of two institutions that move into the UK Top 10 since 2001. 

Here is an abstract from Malaysia faculty of Science R&D :

Having international talents in your organization 

One might wonder why would an organization consider hiring international talents? We can draw successful examples from countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong, where foreign talent recruitment policies have been implemented. Organizations in the aforementioned countries benefitted from skills and experiences transferred via these international talents. Furthermore, the mixed cultural environment generates a melting pot of new ideas and perspectives, providing the company with multiple possibilities in pursuit of economic success.

Additionally, an organization’s multi-national staff establishes business rapport and solidifies the company’s image not only at the local level, but also internationally. So sign on now to Godzilink.com and find the talents that you have been looking for!