How to achieve Work-Life Balance

In today’s competitive world, seeking a healthy balance between work and life is not an easy task. 

There are however ways to help balance our work life and family life, and it starts from ourselves. By establishing ourselves as trustworthy and dependable, meaning that work that we are responsible for gets completed efficiently and meticulously, eventually our employers would be more willing to allow for flexibility in our work schedules. Here are a few recommendations for how we can achieve this:

1. Develop a responsible and mature mentality
Being able to discipline oneself to focusing on work at work and not other things is very important in establishing a trustworthy relationship with your employer. When your employer can trust you to do your work when you should be working, that is when you can have a stronger reason for better work-life flexibility.

2. Develop integrity
Be meticulous in what you do, pay attention to details and think through your tasks, is there a way you can do things better? Why are you doing what you doing and how it fits into what your boss wants? Or what the company wants? An employee with integrity wins the trust and respect of not only his employers, but also his fellow co-workers. 

3. Always be punctual
Our busy schedules may some time cause us to be tardy, however make it a principle as much as possible to be punctual for meetings and appointments with anyone. In case you anticipate you have to wait, bring along your laptop and work while you wait.

4. Be respectful and sensitive to other’s needs
Do understand that everyone has a life and things they need to do to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Be reasonable with your co-workers and subordinates, they will feel your empathy and will equally be able to empathize with your needs

Practicing such values at work will eventually allow you to win the trust and the respect of your co-workers and employers. Do be patient, and constantly self-reflect with all honesty in your progress. As a result of your dilligence, requesting for some work life balance should not be a big problem with most employers. However if you do encounter a toxic work environment where your personal development does not earn the trust and respect of your employers or your peers, it may be time to consider whether you are in the right job. 


by Dr.Derrick Lim

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