What other career mistakes that you should never make


Everybody makes the mistakes, big or small. Mistakes you make in your career will just put you into a big problem. It can create a fiasco in your life, and you will land up nowhere. Your growth depends on what type of path you ultimately choose and proceed further. If you are serious about making the right move in your life, you need to be serious about your career. Here are few career mistakes that you avoid making in your life:

Loss of potential opportunity – Opportunities knock the door once in life time. If you burn bridge, it is very obvious that you will make the biggest mistake in your career. You need to be professional and do not be the part of gossip chain by any means.  You should not enter into any type of gossip with your peers, the boss or the client or your customers. It is also applicable to social media. You should not try to exaggerate about yourself anywhere. Be yourself. Try to be honest with your career, and be ready to share the opportunities that come in your life. 


Do not face challenges - If you do not acquire new knowledge and do not follow the technology, you will lack behind in the entire process and the whole thing will go wrong. It is very important that you give a welcome to challenges. Learn everything that comes in your life.  The more you take the challenges, the better. Travel on the new road and the path of success will always be yours.  Keep with the latest technology. Follow the best practices that are prevalent in your work. Make sure you get through the options that are new and innovative.


Not keeping your resume updated – Once you land up in the great job that meets your dreams, the first document that finds entry to the bin is your resume. It is very obvious that you are not interested any more in the job change, and when the actual time of change comes, you are already lagging behind others. If your resume is obsolete, no recruiter will be interested in giving you a call. Your resume should be up to date and it should list the records, progress, achievements, education and any other accolades. Make sure that you resume is updated and it should not hold any typos or grammatical mistakes of any kind. Few mistakes are allowed, but try to minimise the mistakes as much as possible or else it will be a deal killer.


Remain updated with the industry – It is important that you visit the industry. You should follow the practices that are prevalent in the industry. Networking is very essential activity and you should be making contacts. Try to be sociable with as many individuals as possible and you will find good results. The more you get isolated from industry professionals, the more out-dated you become.


Do not work hard and smart – If you want to take shortcuts in your career, you would land into a big disaster. Career building is not so easy. You need to work hard and smart all the time. You have to be sure about giving the best performance. You should always be making the best deals. Do not be in a hurry or else you are bound to lose. Making smart decisions and working hard to achieve those decisions will obviously help you to achieve the right path. It is the path that matters. 


Keep the above career mistakes alive in your mind as it will help you to remain focused towards your career and move ahead in your life.

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