Reasons why you’re not getting interviews


Preparing for the interview is not just an easy task by any means. You cannot get the interview calls all by yourself. Interview, whether it is a job interview or just any interview will require lot of preparations. You need to prepare in several phases and from different perspectives.  People slop through the interviews. There are many reasons for the individuals for not passing through the interviews. Here are few of the well-known reasons:



Lack of direction – The first reason for not qualifying in an interview is your lack of direction. You are not able to make the right choice or direction. You do not know how to prepare for interview. You do not know what to prepare. This lack of direction will not just put you out of the place but you are not able to get through different stages of interview. 

Lack of inspiration – Since you have lack of direction, it is quite clear that you will also be lacking in your inspiration. You do not have the inspiration on how and what should be done. It is lack of this inspiration that will fail you and as the result of which you just get out of the inspiration. Had you been inspired, there would have been an interest and it is this interest that will leads to success. 

Lack of quality – If you lack the inspiration to do something, you will not have the quality in it. This is where the whole scenario will begin to work against you. The success in any interview is based on the way you prepare yourself and above all the quality. It is your lack of the quality that will put everything into problems and at the end; there is nothing that you can really do. 

You are not trying - Most of the times, it is your disinterest that will go against you. You might not be trying seriously to appear for the interview. It is the standard rule of thumb that if you do not try seriously for anything, obviously, you cannot achieve the success. Your success is dependent on the scenarios and your trial. If you are not taking the first step in the right and positive direction, you cannot clear the interview.


Lack of subject knowledge – Knowledge is the innate power that will take you through the success. If your knowledge is not updated, it is very obvious that you will not be making good success in the interview. Your knowledge needs to be updated, and it should meet the requirements. If your knowledge is not updated, obviously you will not get through the right way.


Lack of proper guidance – Guidance plays a very crucial role in success of the interview. If your guide or mentor is not showing you appropriate direction, there can be no way in which you achieve the success. High success rates in the interview are the result of proper guidance and right direction. For this reason, you need to make the choice of proper guide. You should have the guide who can provide you with real-time guidance all the time. Your guide should give you good knowledge on the subject.  The more knowledge you get on your subject, better will be your chances to achieve the success. 


Lack of aim – Having the right aim is one thing that you should be serious about. If you lack the aim, you cannot make any success whatsoever. Your aim takes you high up in the air. It is your aim that will show you the right light and path.

Keep the above reasons in place, and you will come to know that you have cleared your interview and come out with flying colors.

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