How to Become a Better Sales Person


Probably you have heard of people who make it big time in business through quick sales. These people do not only have the motivation to make profits, but they also have essential skills to sell products quickly. Some of these essential skills include:

Sales language 

Successful sales people have mastered the persuasive language of selling products. They do not use words that would upset the clients, but rather use language that encourages the listener to find out more about a product. In actual sense, every sales person sells benefits of a product rather than selling just a product. 

Setting targets 

A good sales person does not just sell products without a specific target. He or she will have a certain target and will be trying to attain it on a daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.   This target allows them to know when they are doing well and when they need to put more effort in attaining their goals. 

Understanding the product well

You cannot have confidence to sell a product that you are not very familiar with. Therefore, a sales person will first find out everything about the product; whether it is the benefits of using the products; side effects if any; product life or even the ingredients. This knowledge helps one to answer every question that could be asked by potential clients. 

Sales report/record

Every sales person has a record of their sales on a regular basis. This is the only way of understanding the market dynamics and coming up with better tactics to handle all the sales pressures. It also helps one to evaluate their capability in sales and hence improve on some of their weak areas. In short, it helps one to do a SWOT (strength/weaknesses/ opportunities/ threats)   analysis.

A sales person personality

Certain personalities seem to sell more products than others. Best personalities are:

Confident. A person who believes in themselves, the products and the company will make huge sales within a short time. 

Curious. Individuals who are curious to find more about other products, what clients want and new information will easily make sales since nothing catches them by surprise. 

Persistent. It is possible that people will brush you off the first moment you present them with a product. However, if you persist, you might convince so many to buy from you. 

Open minded. Sales people who are open minded will succeed since the market keeps changing and the demand may change in a way that you also need to adjust your sales tactics.

Disciplined. You cannot make sales unless you are disciplined in meeting with your clients at the right time, doing accounting at all times and doing the sales every day without fail. 

Passionate. A person who loves what they do will have the drive to wake up every morning and sell the same product. On the other hand, lack of passion comes with discouragement and failure in sales profession.

Honest. It is easier to lie about a product that it is speak the truth even when it means loss of a client. However, when a prospective client realizes that you have lied to them, they are likely to avoid doing business with you in the future. This means that you will have lost your ability to achieve long term goals in sales. You must remain honest yet persuasive when selling your products. 

As a sales person, you must seek to improve your game at all time. You can learn to be as confident, honest, passionate, disciplined among other qualities within a short time. You must also learn from your mistakes and move on every time you fall below your expectations. 

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