The Latest Brands of Tablets in the Market


Tablets are the latest trend among the individuals looking for a gadget that gives them internet capabilities, video chat, email access and easy capturing of videos and images. These multimedia handheld devices have been designed and manufactured in a way that makes them portable, lightweight and with appropriate dimensions. The stylus pen or touch screen display gives the user easy control by allowing them to navigate their features with ease. Basically, whether you are a business professional, a student or anyone who loves technology, you will realize that modern tablets have something for anyone.

Currently, there are many brands of tablets in the market. While this makes finding a tablet to purchase easy, it also makes finding the best device challenging. Nevertheless, things become easier when you have more information about different brands that are currently available in the market. Among the latest brands of tablets in the market include:

·         Apple iPad 4: This tablet comes with an A6X processor that adds graphics power and the system speed. It also has an improved cellular compatibility that makes it more appealing to a modern buyer. This generation of Apple iPad has innovative improvements as compared to the previous models and generations.

·         16GB Google Nexus 7: This is among the most innovative tablets that are currently available in the market. It features a comfortable design, a sharp screen, and an enhanced battery life. This tablet comes with an innovative design and useful software. It has a 1.2 megapixel camera and a micro-USB port. It also introduces Android 4.2 which is a new feature.

·         Amazon Kindle Fire: Amazon Kindle Fire comes with a high definition interface that feels and looks better on its 8.9-inch screen. It also comes with 4G LTE speed that is incredibly fast. Using this tablet, it is possible to access the best ecosystem of the media that are available. Its seamless streaming performance is great. The tablet is suitable for individuals who are looking for pure consumption of media content.

·         Google Nexus 10: This tablet is durable, light with a fast processor and a sharp screen. It is charged using the Micro-USB port. Charging it overnight will be good for the user. This device also runs the Android 4.2 making it suitable for individuals who want to capture quality photos and videos while on the move.

·         Samsung Galaxy Note 8:  Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a nice-looking small screen. It is comfortable to hold and carry around. Many people prefer typing using the S pen of this device because it feels natural. The storage capacity of this device can be expanded through a MicroSD. The watch-On feature of this device also has a video content or universal remote hub potential. This device is among the stunning tablets in the current market with a useful stylus. It is a small package that has an impressive screen that attracts many tablet lovers.

·         Microsoft Surface Pro: This 10 inch tablet has features that give the users a full ultra-book experience. It comes with ingenious touch and type covers that give the user a comfortable typing and interface experience. It has a crisp design and 1080p sharp screen. This tablet reinvents Windows 8 laptops by cramming the ultra-book experience in a 10- inch device.

These are among the latest brands and models of tablets that are currently available in the market. It is imperative that you take time to learn about features and capabilities of each of them before you go shopping. Find out what makes one tablet better than the other. This will enable you to purchase a tablet that suits your specific needs.





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