Pros and cons of job hopping


Everyone is in the need of a good job. A good job defines your personality and brings you close to the point of contact and makes your life enjoyable. Lot of staffers come and they go by. There are plenty of options that come together. This is where one needs to think realistically and look ahead towards the future for good prospects.  Job hopping is one of the usual kinds of activities that happen every day, or it could be said that job hopping is the result of modernism as more and more global opportunities are coming up. Jobbers do not stick to their current jobs for more than six months, and that’s for sure. This cannot be considered as good strength though, but one needs to look around towards these things from different perspectives. Here are few PROS and CONS that are closely related to job hopping:

PROS – You can move up the salary ladder if you are seeing the frequent jumps in your Pay Checks.  Sticking to one company will not help you to achieve the type of salary bracket that you wish to achieve in short span of time. As more of the businesses are seeing perpetual reduction in their cost of living, there is always the wanting for more. Hopping from one job portfolio to another might seem a good idea, and your resume will show diversified jobs in less of time frame. Your employer will see the difference and can judge your multi-talented calibre if nothing more. It would be a great option that would come across our life.

CONS – Staying in one company brings the high levels of stability and the higher management out there will look at you with respect. Moreover, in a scenario where there is a position in the company that matches to your profile, the management will consider you for it.  External hires get lower performance evaluations, especially in the first two years of their hire and this is where a stop might occur in your salary bracket. Hopping form one company to another will not make you a serious candidate before the employers anymore. You will always be taken as COME and GO types.

PROS – If you are loyal to one company, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be paid well. These days, being loyal to any company doesn’t mean that you are going to get good and great compensation. Even if you see an increase in your designation, there is hardly much of salary increment that you are going to come across. 

CONS – Companies out there might pose problems for you. Your very question of sticking to a job for not more than six months can cause serious troubles. The power to stay for long in one company is always asked and questioned. You just cannot expect a company to see you changing the places for no good reason. If you are the person with the choppy employment history, the whole scenario will go out of place. While you are seeing yourself to go on the next ladder, too quickly, the employers are seeing you in a bit different way.

PROS – You have plenty of experience in short interval of time when you start jumping from one company to another. You will be able to learn quite a lot on the diverse environments, and this will broaden your knowledge on variety of subjects.

CONS –Spending lot of time at one place will help you to make the difference in your identity. You will come to know about lot of things about the people. You will come to know about various forms. You come to know about the identity of a company.

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