How To Tackle Questions In An Interview


When going for an interview, it is important to prepare well so as to avoid being caught off-guard. Interview questions are tailored to gauge your skills, capabilities and suitability for the job. You will surely get the job if you give precise and reasonable answers to the questions. 


Here are top most common questions to expect when applying for a new job.

1# Tell us about yourself? 

This is usually the first question. You need to have the right answer so as to create a good first impression and boost your chances of getting hired. One way of successfully handling this question is by keeping your answers short, succinct and relevant to the job description. Do not spend more than 2-3 minutes describing yourself as this may paint a negative picture of you to the panel. Bottom line; convey information that is applicable to what the hiring company is looking for.

2# What are your greatest accomplishments? 

Every company looks for candidates who can deliver and help them attain short term and long term goals. Show you are organized by arranging all your accomplishments in a chronological manner. For example, if you are applying for a job that requires someone with excellent problem solving skills, talk of occasions where you successfully managed to solve a persistent problem that had plagued your previous employer. 

3# Why did you part ways with your former employer?

 Obviously, there are legitimate reasons for leaving the job. In the context of an interview, answer this question positively rather than complain about the company. For example, illustrate how the job you are applying for provides a favorable environment for development and growth than your previous job. The answers should show that you gathered some skills from your previous job that makes you an ideal candidate for the job. 

4# Why should we hire you? 

More often than not, the interviewing panel wants to evaluate how well you know the company in terms of culture and history. All successful organizations have their own strong points, values and visions. Show that your values, professional and skills are in line with the organization’s goals, vision, objectives and virtues. Do you homework so as to fully understand the job description and your roles if hired to answer this question right.

5# Why Did You Apply For This job? 

Never give them a vibe that you applied for that specific position because you are jobless or you were retrenched by your previous company! Simply, avoid creating an impression that shows you are there to make a living. Instead, show that you are committed and determined to contribute positively to its growth. Take time to examine the specific attributes that you love about the company so as to come up with an accurate answer to this question. 

6# What do you want to achieve in the next five years? 

This is another common question that is used to gauge applicant’s suitability and personal virtues. The kind of answer that you provide will show if you have set specific goals and objective in life. It goes without saying that people who have long term goals are more reliable than their counterparts who don’t have any. So, how should you respond to this crucial question? Your answer should convince the panel that your career goals are in line with the actual advancement plan of the company. No company wants to hire employees who will end up resigning in the next five years or so. 

7# How much do want to paid? 

Salary negotiations are usually challenging and delicate. Again, research on the salary range in your field so as to get a rough estimate of how much you should be remunerated. 

At times, interviewers pose some interview questions to see if money is the only thing that matters to you hence be cautious, witty and confident when answering this question. Finally, be punctual and dress appropriately for this form of appointment.