Developing a Career as Quality Control Officer


If you are interested in a career as quality control officer it is important that you take time to know what this career is all about and how you can excel in your career. Quality control is about ensuring that customers are satisfied by the quality of the products that they buy. A quality control officer aims at ensuring satisfaction of customers and enhancing their confidence as they buy products of a company. 

Quality assurance department of a company performs different activities that are organized and systematically implemented within the system to ensure that final products meet the set quality requirements. Basically, quality control describes activities and observation techniques that are used in fulfilling the set quality requirements. 


However, it is important to note that the work done by a quality assurance manager will vary considerably depending on the company or organization they work for. Nevertheless, in most organizations they are responsible for ensuring appropriate quality standards are set and that quality management systems and procedures are established. 

Essential skills and work activities

To work as a quality assurance manager, you must have the right professional qualifications. Skills such as research, problem solving, presentation, teamwork, communication and training are important. You must also be able to read, understand, and interpret materials related to your work. 

Ability to keep an overview of the project that you will be working on at any time is also important. This is because attention to details is very important in quality control. As a manager, you must understand specifications, code and regulations of the industry that you will be working in. 

Among the working activities of a quality control manager include the following:

Interacting with production managers and defining the quality policies

Ensuring that a company has quality standards of production

Ensuring that safety regulations are followed and that customers are satisfied by the final products

Sampling and inspecting the manufacturing process

Reviewing production policies and coming up with plans for improving the current quality standards

Analyzing and reviewing effectiveness of the made modifications

Ensuring that a company has procedures that conform to safety and health regulation, financial legislation and policies


These are some of the activities that a quality control officer performs regularly. However, to become a quality control officer, you must have the necessary skills. You must also know how to prepare yourself before venturing into the job market. 


Essential professional training

The skills that you need to become a quality control officer vary depending on the industry. As such, before expressing your interest in the quality control industry know the industry that you would like to work in.  For instance, if you want to become a quality control officer in the construction industry you will engage in collecting and analyzing samples of construction materials. Quality control officers review laboratory procedures and practices to ensure that safety standards and quality standards are always met. 


Before getting a job as a quality control officer, make sure that you have the following professional qualifications:

High school certification

A diploma in civil engineering

Industry-specific courses


At the work place, you will be required to comply with different conditions. As such, you must be ready to comply with conditions that are specific to your working environment. Some officers are required to long for long hours. This implies that sometime other employees of the organization that you will be working for might leave you at the workplace. 

Your personality will also influence the rate at which you succeed in your career. This is because working in the quality control entails determination to offering customers the best product. Therefore, you must be very keen on details in almost everything. Make sure that nothing passes your eyes unnoticed.  Nevertheless, developing a career as quality control officer is possible if you set your goals clearly, acquire the right training and find a job in a company that impresses you. 

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