Are you a good boss?


In each organization whether small or large, there should be a hierarchy in the management.  In the recent times when the world is facing a harsh economic crisis, being a boss can be tricky. All the same what makes the difference is how the boss controls and manages the whole organization despite all these challenges. As we know, being a boss is not enough; the people in the organization will be attracted by the positive elements that bind them together and not just the authority. If the boss requires the best output from the employees, then it has to start with him first. 

One of the most important steps that need to be undertaken by all bosses is to ensure that the employees are in a conducive working atmosphere and their rights have been safeguarded. The boss sets the working mood; he or she should therefore be tactful especially when it comes to addressing issues. In every company, workers will always look forward for a confident, persuasive and a motivational boss.  The boss should get to know his employees and strategize more ways on how to instill much motivation and confidence in them. The boss needs to respect the various approaches that the employees use in order to perform a certain task. It can be disturbing for the employee especially if the boss is always around him supervising and correcting him all the time. This will automatically undermine their confidence and self esteem and even worse, there will be no room for innovation since the worker has no independence to work in her own style.


Another important aspect for the boss is to know his workers, evaluate their potentials, weaknesses, motives and whatever else he needs to monitor. It is important to have an interactive session with members of the staff in order to learn them more and also direct their interest towards your goals. The boss needs to know exactly who is who, as this will greatly help him to determine the strength of the organization. The worst boss is the one who thinks that he is perfect. It is good to appreciate the efforts of the workers and look for more ways of keeping them motivated. The best boss is the one who has learnt to build his trust and confidence in his employees and looks for every single opportunity to make them feel part of the organization.    A good boss always gives the workers an opportunity to learn even though they have not handled a certain situation with professional maturity. Yelling at them and doing a second guess is not the best option. 


A wise boss is composed and will handle each problem at a time so that at the end of the day everything remains in a stable condition. It is good for the boss to solve tactfully the unsolved conflicts among his workers and closely observe the effect of what this would result to. In fact, it is advisable to deal with these cases quickly and with the people involved directly.  A good boss is not the one who divides the people. He should learn to appreciate the employees and compliment them; it is even in good taste when done in front of the clients as this will send the waves allover about the good working relationship. If possible organize for the events that can show your appreciation, talk with them and learn from them what else you need to do. A good boss should be a keen listener and mentor, the one who lives the mark of positive difference.     

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