Career in Supply Chain Management


Demand for Supply Chain Managers

Supply chain management is the management of the flow of products. Businesses use experts in supply chain to monitor the chains that are interlinked to deliver the final product. Managing supply chains is one of the ways that businesses are able to stay ahead of the competition. It involves managing the flows that link businesses together. There are people that are especially trained for this. Businesses have realized the need for this particular kind of management and are hiring the experts to do it. The demand for experts in supply chain management has increased. This is why more people are opting for a career in it. As long as businesses will keep cropping up, the need for these experts will always be there.

There is so much that is involved in supply chain management. When someone chooses a career in this filed, it is important to know what to expect. Some of the responsibilities that fall under supply chain management include;


General management


Inventory control

Financial Planning

Workflow Optimization

Marketing and sales



Customer Services

Mechanical skills


Understanding International Businesses practices


All these are among the responsibilities that fall under supply chain management. One of the benefits of a career in this field is that there are a lot of sectors that are involved. You get to interact with people from all sorts of sectors. This opens up new doors for an individual. Opportunities can present themselves at any moment. The skills acquired in supply chain management can be used to get into something else. The chances of career development are very good in this field.

There are also a lot of functions that incorporate the whole field. That means you can choose to concentrate on just one. If you wanted to specialize in logistics, then you can do that. There are a lot of choices in supply chain management. It is however advisable to have a general approach to the field. Employers are now staying away from specifications and looking for people who can do combined functions. The supply chain manager is usually responsible for the delivery of products to the end user. This means that they must understand everything that is involved in between.

Training and Requirements

There are colleges that offer supply chain courses. The level of training will depend on the school. There are other schools that are more recognized when it comes to supply chain managers. You will find companies recruiting from such schools. When looking to get into the field, it is important to find out about the right schools. Employers concentrate a lot on the experience when it comes to hiring supply chain managers. That is why an internship would go a long way when looking for career in this field. 

The supply chain management field is not strict when it comes to certification. There are bodies that offer certification though. This however does not mean that one can not get employment without it. The certification will of course vary from one region to another. There are certain proficiencies that employers look for when hiring a supply chain manger. One has to be conversant with the latest soft ware used in the field. Things like communication skills are also taken into consideration because there are a lot of interactions involved.

Getting into a career in supply chain management has its advantages. Before jumping in with both feet, it is important to look at what your options are. Do you want to be a fleet manager? Logistics manager? Supply Chain Systems manager?  Analyst? You have to know what is in store for you and how to get the most out of it. Supply chain management is one of the most versatile career paths and it’s important to recognize what that means for you.

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