Human Resources


Human resource is one of the most important aspects in any organization or company. It is through human resource that a company is able to provide services and goods to its consumers.

·  It is through human resource that a company is able to achieve its goals. A company’s management may set objectives but it is the employees that contribute in the implementation. Human resource is the link that facilitates this. It is through it that a company’s management is able to keep up with its employees. It also facilitates the communication for everybody involved. Human resource lets the management know what the employees need to do their jobs better.

· Human resource is responsible for the recruitment of new employees. When there is need to hire more people in an organization, this responsibility falls under the human resource. It is their responsibility to find people who are qualified to do the job required. It also manages the training of new employees. This is when the employees are shown what their responsibilities are and how to best fulfill them. If there is need for supervised training, it also handles that. Human resource also keeps track of the development of employees.

· Human resource facilitates capacity building in employees. It drives the employees to achieve their full potential. This is one of the ways that productivity can be improved. It is also responsible for the motivation of employees. Employees that are appreciated tend to work better and give better results. This is why human resource is always concerned about the welfare of employees. If employees have certain grievances, they take them up with human resource. It is the responsibility of human resource to make sure that employees are happy with their job. They should also provide the environment needed to ensure productivity.

· Human resource is also responsible of the man power planning. It projects the number of people that would have to be employed to improve the business. These projections factor in a few things for instance;

  •   projected sales

  •   technological changes

  •   productivity levels

  •   people that are leaving the job

These help human resource decide on what needs to be done in terms of employment.

· It is also the responsibility of human resource to set wages and salaries. This can be done with thorough market research.  Deciding on salaries is something that may involve other departments in an organization. This is to make sure that the relevant people give their input.

· Reviewing the performance of employees is also the responsibility of human resource. This basically involves collecting and analyzing information on a particular employee. This is what is used to measure the productivity of an employee. Performance reviews are also used when looking to increase salaries and give promotions. Human resource also uses theses appraisals to determine if an employee is worthy to be in that organization or company.

· The human resource also makes sure that the relationship between an organization and labor management is a good one. This is one of the ways to ensure that everything goes seamlessly. If any issues arise, it is the responsibility of human resource to make sure that they get ironed out without any damages.

· It also keeps employees up to date on the latest regulations in an organization. It is up to the human resource to make sure that policies are adhered to by employees.

Human resource is one aspect that any organization or company can not survive without. It takes care of all the people issues that come up in an organization. It is basically an advocate for the people working in an organization. Man power is a vital part of any business or organization. A strong human resource department in an organization can be the difference between great success and failure.




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