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Full time 
Position Level :
Senior Executive 
Industry :
Admin/Human Resources - Human Resources 
Job Specialization :
Admin/Human Resources - Clerical/General Admin 
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Description :
•Accept approved incoming applications and resumes from HR and update into database. Ensure personal data is supported with the required document. – Timeflex, Payflex and Manflex
•Process new hire paperwork, performance appraisal and letter preparation for staff
•Maintenance and filing of personnel files.
•Maintains and processes payroll records and reports for accounting of salary/wages due, accruals, deductions and other payroll functions
•Ensure any change to the payroll master file requires the authorized approval.
•Communicate to all employees the obligation to update their personal data at least once per year.
•Monitor the access to the personnel data and is restricted by use of security codes or passwords which are changed at frequent intervals
•Ensure that employees are paid on time, employee salary and other payments to employees are properly calculated and authorized.
•Ensure all payment derived from a dismissal is correctly calculated and authorized
•Ensure all compensation and deductions are compliance with labour and related govern law. Coordinates and interact with related agencies and government on issues pertaining to employee compensation and deductions
•Ensure payments and government reports are disbursed timely and accurately.
•To meet the submission dateline set by corporate and management
•Must abide and comply with all company policy and procedures.
•Execute other duties as assigned by management. 
Requirements :
-Diploma and above.
-Experience in Payroll with 500 employees.
-know to do online immigration such as DP10 and tax (Expatriate). 
Lowest Qualification :
Closing Date :
11/9/22, 12:00 AM 

Confidential - CASB

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Plastic inject company


Working days Monday to Friday