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Opportunity ID:
Type :
Full time 
Position Level :
Skilled / Non-Executive 
Industry :
Computer/Information Technology - IT-Software 
Job Specialization :
Computer/Information Technology - IT-SEO/Web 
City :
Town Area 
Description :
1. Can independently assume the development of android app;
2. Analyze and discuss requirements and conduct code architecture design, development, debugging, and release;
3. To maintain the existing code to ensure its fault tolerance, timely correction of known errors;
4. Self-test the developed app and provide self-test report to ensure its stability and robustness. 
Requirements :
1. It has a solid programming base of C language and JAVA language, and has good programming habits. The code structure is clear, comments are perfect, and redundancy is low;
2. Familiar with Android's four major components, layout and features, at least through a complete application project development experience;
3. Be familiar with the network communication mechanism under Android, has a deeper understanding and experience of Socket communication, TCP/IP and HTTP/HTTPS;
4. Familiar with Android database, thread communication, multimedia operations and other modules;
5. Familiar with the common design patterns of Android development, have a certain understanding and experience of single cases, observers and other models;
6. Familiar with Svn, Git, open source libraries and other operations, understand the application memory and performance optimization methods;
7. Familiar with the Android platform UI design, with J2ME, H5 or android desktop development experience is preferred 
Lowest Qualification :
Bachelor Degree 
Closing Date :
2/12/19 12:00 AM 


City :
Johor Bahru
State :
Country :


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