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Opportunity ID:
Type :
Full time 
Position Level :
Senior Executive 
Industry :
Computer/Information Technology - IT-Network/Sys/DB Admin 
Job Specialization :
Computer/Information Technology - IT-Software 
City :
Town Area 
Description :
1. Responsible for the design and development of system software, can independently undertake the development of related modules;
2. Development and maintenance of existing platform system modules;
3, Verify and modify the problems found in the test;
4. Write technical documentation related to software development and system maintenance;
5. Learn and study new technologies to meet product needs.
6, With the project manager to guide and train junior-level developers. 
Requirements :
1. Five years or more of JAVA development experience;
2. Familiar with Java EE technology, including Servlet/JSP, JMS, in-depth understanding of REST, familiarity with dubbo, in-depth understanding of various open source software such as SpringMVC, ibatis, etc.;
3. Familiar with css / xml and other web technologies, skilled Ajax (jquery and other javascript framework), javascript technology;
4. Master mysql application development skills, in-depth understanding of the database system structure, with SQL regular development capabilities and sql optimization capabilities;
5. Familiar with object-oriented programming, has a good programming style, habits; understand the software development process, familiar with the MVC model; and in the MVC mode for large-scale web development experience;
6. Familiar with the NIO mechanism, mina, Netty development experience
7. Familiar with JVM optimization, multi-threaded processing
8. Familiar with the message queue, redis and other middleware, skilled linux operation
9. Has a good technical understanding, communication skills and documentation capabilities; with teamwork and responsibility;
10. Able to withstand the pressure of work, be able to complete the task efficiently within the specified time, accept certain intensity of overtime and business trips, and be able to obey the project work arrangements.
11. Have experience in large-scale project development and management, well-known product R&D experience in the industry, and communication professional background work experience. 
Lowest Qualification :
Closing Date :
2/12/19 12:00 AM 


City :
Johor Bahru
State :
Country :


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